-We offer multiple dining options- indoor, take-out and limited outdoor

-We accept cash or credit cards for payment.

-TAKE OUT: when ordering if you are paying by CC please have card ready at the time of your order. Gratuity can be added at the time of the order. Take out orders typically take 20-30 minutes to prepare. Please do not call with later pick up times as this throws off the timing in the kitchen. To help keep costs down for everyone, we do not send take out orders with silverware/condiments unless requested (for an additional charge). Orders will be picked up from the take out window to the left of the main doorway. If it's raining, your order can be picked up inside the restaurant.

-INDOOR DINING: Due to limited seating, please limit dining times to 90 minutes. 

- OUTDOOR SEATING: Due to limited staff, outdoor diners will place their order at the take out window. Food will be served in take-out containers. We cannot accommodate large parties outside. 

- LAST ORDERS: We cannot accommodate late diners due to our closing times. Please call or come early to ensure you have time to enjoy your meal. We will accept last orders/tables 15 minutes prior to closing time. 

-SPECIALS: Most nights we run a special. These are posted on our social media sites. Please like and follow us on Facebook at Cellar Restaurant and Pub or on Instagram @TheCellarRestaurantLL so you can see the regular updates.

We hope this helps to improve your experience. We are so thankful for your support & cooperation as we continue to navigate our way our of this pandemic. 
Brooke, Eric, Ali and Michelle

We are a casual place that prides itself in serving a variety of great food and drinks! For those of you wondering…this is our 15th summer as owners of this business! All of these years have taught us many things but 2020 was the most educational by far! We adopted some practices during COVID that helped us run our business more efficiently and we have chosen to keep some of those things in place. With a lack of staff and just us 4 owners at the helm, we are doing everything we can to make this operation run as smoothly as possible and ensure that you have a pleasant dining experience. So please bear with us as we work hard and do our best to serve you!

We have had many customers ask about the following so…


WE ARE USING PLASTIC CUPS: Beverage glasses were always hand washed and dried here. We do not have the manpower or time to do this any longer so we have chosen to continue using plastic cups. Everything is served in a bottle or can so if you don’t like using a plastic cup you are welcome to drink straight from the container! No judgement here! Cheers! 

WE DO NOT HAVE DRAFT BEER: Draft lines need very regular cleaning and kegs need changing. We do not have the staff to take care of this any longer or the time or muscles to change a big keg in the middle of service. Also, it may sound silly but pouring a beer takes time and leads to foamy waste. Again, to stay clean, fast and efficient on those busy nights, grabbing a can of FRESH CRAFT BEER takes a fraction of the time when every second counts! Trust us, that can of Raquette River or Paradox beer tastes VERY delicious! 

WE HAVE BOTTLED SODA & WATER: At the start of COVID we removed our fountain system that provided soda and filtered water and switched to bottled soda and water. We wanted to help stop the spread by keeping things clean and sealed and will continue to serve bottled/canned beverages to save time…we can just grab & go quickly! Added bonus…if you don’t finish your drink, you can put the cap back on and take it with you! PS. We only charge $1 for that water! 

WE SOMETIMES HAVE LONG WAIT TIMES: It is just the 4 of us here at all times. There are just 2 guys and limited space to cook ALL of the food for customers dining in AND for take-out. These guys take their time to make sure they are serving you a great, quality meal. There are just 2 ladies doing ALL of bartending, waiting tables, take-out orders, delivery (when available), etc. We ask you to please be patient and understand that we are doing the very best that we can! 


If you have any questions about our COVID-19 plan, please don't hesitate to ask. We can be reached at 518-624-5539 or thecellar@hotmail.com.

The Cellar Restaurant & Pub is absolved of all liability for anyone infected with coronavirus while visiting our restaurant. By visiting The Cellar, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19. We will take all measures necessary to keep our property as safe as possible for our customers amid the coronavirus pandemic, but please understand that there is a shared responsibility between customers and The Cellar Restaurant & Pub.